Zoom ballet

Zoom and Teams videoconferences can be enhanced with virtual backgrounds and facefilters effects. We've seen people wearing virtual fluffy bunny ears. But there’s a lot more that can be done with the interactive image manipulation effects! Especially when adding a timeline and programming the filter to work in sync for all participants. Like I did with this experimental “Zoom ballet” effect.

Interested in scheduling a "Zoom Ballet" session during your videoconference or meeting?

Contact: info [@] sndrv.com

Session with host and support

This package consists of: receiving a quick-start manual which you can choose to send to your conference participants beforehand, so they can check if they're having the right software/hardware to join the Zoom Ballet. In this package there will be an online guide/host to help the participants in your session to prepare for the action. And then, it's time for Zoom Ballet. This package includes the use of the effect during the day of your session, with online support for the duration of 1 hour.

250 euro ex VAT

DIY package for Zoom*

Are you experienced with instructing people to get their computers prepared with the right software? And/or do you want to be flexible when to schedule your "Zoom Ballet". Then this package might be suitable for you:

99 euro ex VAT
* Teams version soon!