Upcoming session:

Tuesday April 20th - private session (invite only)


Welcome guests from the World Economic Forum - Global Future Council

(Teams session opens at 20:45 for questions and support)

21:00 - 21:10 CET - introduction of the interactive filter-effect concept
21:10 - 21:20 CET - Meet Your Stranger
21:20 - 21:30 CET - Zoom ballet

A link to the interactive Teams session and instructions on how to participate have been sent to you last week by the General Secretariat. Please have the software installed before joining the session.


March 23rd - Zoom Donkey Kong (try-out)


[1] Install the "Snap Camera" program on your computer/laptop, and search for "ZoomDonkeyKong" in the'search' field.

[2] Next, select "Snap Camera" as your video-source in Zoom:

Zoom Donkey Kong try-out >

March 16th - Zoom ballet

Zoom and Teams videoconferences can be enhanced with virtual backgrounds and facefilters effects. We've seen people wearing virtual fluffy bunny ears. But there’s a lot more that can be done with the interactive image manipulation effects! Especially when adding a timeline and programming the filter to work in sync for all participants. Like I did with this experimental "Zoom ballet" effect.

Zoom ballet >

March 9th - theatrical experiment - Waiting for Godot

To activate this participative play in your own Zoom session, follow these instructions >

Feb 23rd - Zoom hide and seek

The "Mist" filter-effect turned the session into a lively hide and seek game. Every minute there was a new algorithm triggered by movements of the participants. They had to guess what made them (dis)appear.

Zoom hide and seek >

(full session recording)

Feb 23rd - afterparty

"Ball pool" Snapchat filter