Upcoming session:

Tuesday April 13th


21:00 - 21:15 CET 'multiplayer' videoconferencing game: Donkey Kong

Hope to see you Tuesdaynight! @SanderVeenhof


March 23rd - Zoom Donkey Kong (try-out)


[1] Install the "Snap Camera" program on your computer/laptop, and search for "ZoomDonkeyKong" in the'search' field.

[2] Next, select "Snap Camera" as your video-source in Zoom:

Zoom Donkey Kong try-out >

March 16th - Zoom ballet

Zoom and Teams videoconferences can be enhanced with virtual backgrounds and facefilters effects. We've seen people wearing virtual fluffy bunny ears. But there’s a lot more that can be done with the interactive image manipulation effects! Especially when adding a timeline and programming the filter to work in sync for all participants. Like I did with this experimental "Zoom ballet" effect.

Zoom ballet >

March 9th - theatrical experiment - Waiting for Godot

To activate this participative play in your own Zoom session, follow these instructions >

Feb 23rd - Zoom hide and seek

The "Mist" filter-effect turned the session into a lively hide and seek game. Every minute there was a new algorithm triggered by movements of the participants. They had to guess what made them (dis)appear.

Zoom hide and seek >

(full session recording)

Feb 23rd - afterparty

"Ball pool" Snapchat filter